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Here is a quick run down about me and my life so far. No shockings secrets revealed, at least not until I get to know you much better!

Early Years | Awkward Years | Here and Now | Infinity and Beyond

Early Years

By all accounts, I was a happy go lucky kid. My mom tells me that I was the best baby; almost never cried as long as I was kept fed and changed. I started walking at the tender age of 9 months old and never looked back. I could not wait to go to school and beamed with pride on my first day of kindergarten wearing a backpack that was almost as large as me. I loved going to school, swimming on summer swim team, playing with my friends, pets and Polly Pocket collection, and going on adventures with my Brownie troop.

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Awkward Years

Middle school was a new adventure for me where I started to spread my wings and become more independent. Like most pre-teens, the middle school years felt exiting and awkward at the same time! I enjoyed making friends with people that came from other elementary school and helping out students who were new to the school. I was diagnosed late as having dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and central auditory processing disorder. Thanks to lots of good teachers and my school, I was able to turnaround the academic setback before entering high school. What I did love about middle school is the social environment and extracurricular activities. I spent my time experimenting with several things to find what I liked the best. I found I liked Art, swimming and community service through Girl Scouts.

Transitioning to high school, the awkwardness of being a teen girl started to fade. I swam competitively through my freshman year. I decided I really did not want to continue swimming, but my social network was swimmers so I became the manager/trainer for the Varsity swim team. This kept me pretty busy and out of trouble because I was so busy. I continued community service through Girl Scouts and was lucky to be awarded scholarships to travel to amazing places such as Switzerland and Peru. School is always tough for me because I just do not learn and perform in a traditional way because my brain is just wired differently. But hey, I graduated from one of the most academically challenging high schools in the nation. No small feat!

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Here and Now

When looking for the right college to attend, a counselor recommended checking out Schreiner University. The tagline of Schreiner, namely "Learning By Heart", really spoke to me and my parents. We thought this was an environment where I could learn and grow. I have a passion for photography and a little bit of artistic skill so the graphics design program seemed like a good match. Here I am now into my 3rd year at Schreiner. I am crossing my fingers that I can hold steady and earn a BFA in communication design in the not so distant future. When I am not in school, I am a swim instructor for babies and elementary age kids. I absolutely love working with kids!

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Infinity and Beyond

What do I want to do with my life? I am still deciding. When I entered college, my goal was to be a professional photographer that travelled the world for a few years and then eventually owning my own business. After teaching small kids for a few years in the summer, I could also see myself as an elementary school art teacher as well. Who knows what the future will hold!

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